Monthly Archives: December 2008

Aviary out of private beta

One of my favourite examples of what can be done with RIA’s, Aviary, is now out of private beta.

Their new website is

My favourite app is Peacock, a pattern generation tool that makes it really easy to create complex structures based on images, such as this one: or perhaps all generated, like this:

I can also recommend looking at Meowzas work, impressive…

How to access Windows Live SkyDrive from Explorer

With the recent introduction of 25 GB online storage available through the Windows Live SkyDrive service, I became interested in trying it out again.

However, the standard interface is through a web interface and I prefer to also have the option to access it through a standard explorer interface or through something like Outlook.

While snooping around for options, I came across the Gladinet Cloud Desktop app:


It will mount your Skydrive (among other things like Amazon S3, Google Picasa, Google Docs) as a standard network resource in Windows, making it accessible through explorer. Nice.

Currently in beta, there seems to be a few issues to be aware of…

Get it here: