Monthly Archives: February 2009

A Microsoft Update killed printing in Reporting Services

One client recently had a novel experience with their SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services installation. One day the printing feature stopped to work with this error:


Turns out Microsoft decided to kill the print control because of a security issue…

Upgrading SQL Server 2005 with Service Pack 3 installed a new version of the control and solved the problem…

SharePoint Diagnostic tool

The SharePoint diagnostic tool (SPDiag) is included in the Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit. It comes in handy when analyzing and troubleshooting SharePoint implementations.

Copied from the tothesharepoint blog –

“With SPDiag, you can:

  • Collect IIS and ULS log files, performance counter data, event logs, and WMI instrumentation data from a SharePoint farm.
  • Filter data to show granular information related to specific servers, Web applications, HTTP requests, event IDs, URI queries, and almost any other data points captured through supported channels.
  • Create custom reports that can help reveal performance trends over time.
  • Create snapshots of your SharePoint farm that include detailed information about your farm’s hardware, installed software and logical topology.
  • Export collected data and reports that can be sent to Microsoft support personnel.”

Get the toolkit here: