Monthly Archives: September 2009

SharePoint and BI seminar in Stockholm

I’m presenting at the Itera Consulting Groups breakfast seminar on SharePoint and BI on September 24th (in Swedish).

My presentation will focus on hands on examples of efficient, easy to use, interactive ways to access and analyze information in SharePoint and SQL Server.

By combining the power of data processing from SQL Server with the possibilities to personalize and focus information on audiences and roles the BI on SharePoint makes a very strong case.


SharePoint Theme fails with international characters

When designing and deploying a new Theme in SharePoint 3/2007, the metadata for the Theme is stored in the ../12/TEMPLATE/LAYOUTS/1033/SPTHEMES.XML file for the default English sites. Other languages are stored under their respective folders, for example Swedish is using the 1053 folder.

When populating the SPTHEMES.XML file with information about a new Theme, international characters such as ÅÄÖ works fine in the Swedish file but SharePoint fails with the following error message if the same characters are present in the English theme file.


Workaround is to skip international characters in the English file…