Monthly Archives: June 2010

Machine translations, still not a good idea, part 2

Found this out of context translation on my HTC Desire Android phone when it was in locked mode and fully charged (as in the battery was fully charged with juice, not as in it had been charged a fee, accused of committing a crime or involved in some quantum chromodynamics research…)




The translation from the English “charged” ended in the Swedish equivalent with the meaning charged – a fee. A very comforting message to be greeted with by ones phone – here i thought it had been asleep and napping but in reality there was an all night shopping spree =|.

Joining Solver

I have the pleasure of joining the winning BI team at Solver as a senior consultant specialising in BI implementations in SharePoint. I will also be leading the SharePoint centre of excellence initiative that strives to take BI implementations in SharePoint to the next level.

Solver is a highly successful organisation that also was the 2009 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year Award Winner in Business Intelligence.

I look forward to this great challenge and the opportunities for cutting edge solutions it brings.