Another observation on Evernote vs. OneNote

While watching this video on the new Evernote 5:

What’s new in Evernote 5 for Mac, video on Youtube

I reflected on the absence of anything related to creating and maintaining your notes. Everything in the video is about managing information that is already available in a notebook.

I guess that this is the main difference between Evernote (tagline: remember everything) and OneNote (tagline: keep tabs on your life?). Evernote is for storing readymade stuff that’s static and OneNote is for creating and working with structured pages of information that is easy to change and rearrange etc.

My biggest problem with Evernote is that it is impossible to use the editor for anything more advanced than plain text. My biggest problem with OneNote is that it is not flexible enough when it comes to sending information to a notebook and searching and tagging information.

So, as before I find myself using both platforms, Evernote for scanning, automations, archiving etc. and OneNote for my creation and editing of notes from meetings etc.

This is a follow-up on my post on Choosing between Evernote and OneNote and on  Automation: Using Evernote to store your life.

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One thought on “Another observation on Evernote vs. OneNote

  1. Saint

    I find myself in exactly the same predicament. The Evernote software is very limited in it’s actual ‘note taking’ abilities; I really love how one is able to create notes in OneNote; but then Evernote trumps it in all other respects!



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